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Julija Zolberga is a freelance stylist, make up artist and consultant.

Being teenager Julija knew she wanted to be a makeup artist. When pressed in high school to pick a more “sensible” career she decided she could be a lawer, but never being able to stray too far from the desire to make people more beautiful. After high school Julija successfully worked as a lawyer in civil law.

It was at the ripe old age of 24 and her being in the work field for the past five years with jobs she wasn’t passionate about, that she finally decided to really do some soul searching. The answer was right there. She still loved art and the creativity of being able to transform people’s looks and their feelings about themselves through the magic of make-up and style changes. Julija decided to abandon her work in law and instead apply her keen eye to the structure of the human face.
She started to attend a local makeup school, her passion for makeup and fashion eventually won out and Julija set forth to pursue a career in the fashion and beauty industry.
The stars luckily aligned for Julija at just the right time and she met the very creative photographer Juris Zolbergs, she started working with him as a make-up artist and who later become her husband.

Julija was exposed to life on the set of a fashion shoot. She learned about many figures and components that are needed during photoshoot, and fell in love with styling and the role of the stylist.

Julija derives her inspiration from each individual model or subject, people street style, nature, complexions, textures and clean colors, that remains her strongest point. She is requested for a wide range of makeup techniques, from extremely clean, virtually bare looking skin, to more dramatic effects. Great inspiration accompanied by a polished skill set, and a consummate reputation as an artist has made Julija succeed in her passion so far, and this is what will ultimately keep her always delivering flawless results.

Julija is currently based in Riga (Latvia).

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Some of My Clients

Freya model management
Juris Zolbergs photographer
Natalie Model Management